Supply Chain Management – How to become top of your game?

Supply Chain Management Company in India

The supply chain is the backbone of the modern business. Good management is crucial in order to remain competitive and is ultimately the key to the success of the organization.

Supply Chain Management is the process by which materials, services, information and finances flow from supplier to consumer through the various business networks. This includes planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. The supply chain is the whole process of networks involved, and the management of these stages is crucial to the efficiency of the operation.

So how do you become top of your game? How do you ensure that you are controlling the supply chain as efficiently as possible?

Overview of the Standards
The NVQ Standards are designed to cover a wide range of Supply Chain Management roles and are therefore available at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 with each level having its own clearly defined list of core and optional units.

The core units at each respective level of the NVQ standards focus on those competencies which are deemed to be fundamental to any individual operating in a supply chain role at that level, and therefore must be completed by all students as part of their qualification.

The optional units are contained within the specialist sections of the NVQ and cover supply chain activities such as Supplier and Contract Management, Developing and Contributing to Strategies, Sourcing, Inventory and Materials Management Transport and Distribution, Warehousing and finally, Project Management.

Whether you are an individual wishing to achieve MCIPS or MCMI status, or a Purchasing Manager wishing to implement a vocational corporate training and development programme for your staff Feature Articles, supply chain management NVQs could be the platform you need to get to the top of your game.


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